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Hvert digt er et nyt system

En højst poetisk filmmager er franske Michel Gondry (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, The Science of Sleep, Be Kind Rewind, The Green Hornet, utallige musikvideoer med bl.a. Björk, White Stripes, Rollings Stones), her er et perfekt opbyggeligt citat fra hans lille, glade bog You’ll Like This Film Beacause You’re in It: The Be Kind Rewind Protocol, 2008, der fortæller om hans (vellykkede) forsøg på at få folk til at lave deres egen film på få timer efter en simpel “protokol” :

I believe in systems. Well, not the big and vague entity that seems to run the world against everyone. The systems which I am referring to is more like an ensemble of imagined rules that allow a participant to achieve a certain outcome. The rules let people focus on a single moment, while simultaneously ensuring that all the efforts produced add up to the desired result. I found the same exact principle in in a book on mathematical language: “One has just to adopt a procedure that posseses inner characteristics once for all established, and each time one applies it, one doesn’t have to bother themselves: the procedure moves forward on its own” (Why the World Is Mathematical, John D. Barrow).
I create new systems for most of my videos. For shooting a video entirely with Lego blocks for the White Stripes without the use of CGI, I had to come up with a completely new form of organization with the team of animators. I create these systems so that regardless of the success or failure of the finished product I know that I have at least tried to create something new. If someone creates a system that works, they often encounter strong resistence from most people because people assume that if the system is all that great then it must already exist. It’s really too bad. On this topic, my good friend and producer Steve Golin mentioned on one of the bonus tracks for the Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind dvd: “Michel just doesn’t like convention. They have been making movies for over a hundred years, and a lot the way they do things is because they work … You don’t realize how smart those ways are until you try do it another way and you realize those things are done for a reason.” I couldn’t disagree more, Steve. There are a million reasons why people don’t try new systems: They like safety; admitting the new system is better would mean admitting they have been using an obsolete one; some might find themselves unemplyed with the new system; a system must be created by aged and obscure and intelligent entities, not by the guy next to you; they are jealous beacuse they didn’t think of it; people are lazy; thet think they will waste their time beacuse ultimately they will have to redo the work using the proper method; nostalgia; they feel like guinea pigs.
And furthermore:
Once, my mom had an addiction problem with an over-the-counter drug. Something with codeine, I think. She could get it at any pharmacy, and they are all over the place in Paris. Nothing could stop her, even to the point where her life was endangered. So I Xeroxed her picture and went to the main pharmacy next to her place. “This is my mother, you can’t sell her any more of the codeine stuff,” I demanded. “I am sorry, it is an over-the-counter medication. It is illegal for me  to refuse to sell it to her”, the lady answered. Visibly upset I said, “Then she will die, and you will be personally responsible for that.” As I began to leave, the pharmacist stopped me and said, “OK, I know who your mother is and I will not sell her ant more of this drug”. It worked. Even better: Now engaged with my mother’s diffculties, the pharmacist took the system even further. Mom was prescribed a monthly supply of sleeping pills but would consume the whole box the first week. So now, instead of giving my mother her entire prescription at once, the pharmacist gave her one pill a day in an envelope and two for the weekend. We had created a system that worked, and my mother was safe, at least for a while. It was, however, just a building block, one that would need a lot more work to create something that could last. But nevertheless, it was an unexpected and successful foundation.

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