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you may never leave humming to amps/ the bookstore are where he seeks her

Fødselsdagsgave fra min søn: Sonic Youths Thurston Moores trubadur-tyste soloplade Demolished Thoughts, hvis booklet foruden sangteksterne indeholder en lille samling hipster-rablende poesi, (måske) betitlet “girl on gril/ this poetry/ does not/ discriminate”, dette glimrende digt hedder “small pres”, lilleforlag (og måske er de små pladeselskaber de nye småforlag?):

outside the window of her apartment
lies sadness, amusement
and conflicted regard for weirdo constructs
of faith and scum politics
her poet energy is sweet intellect with lazy compulsive lines
dropping onto a free and wishful page
ok with semi-resolve
amidst the minor clatter
of daily lust.

why don’t you come over to my house babe
and help me alphabeticize my noise tapes.

there’s only one we’ll really play
and that’s the haters/merzbow banned productions cassette
it is thee quintessential.

and then the basement jam and then wine
and then marijuana, and then the continuous heaven.

blessed are the noise musicians
for they shall go down in history

way, way down

this is what is awesome

1. life
2. today
3. the twilight wolrd of poetry
4. the wild lover

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