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Digt undergraver statsmagten

Artikel på time.com, link her, sådan begynder artiklen, solidaritet fra Hvedekorn til Zhu Yufu:

The first stanza of “It’s Time,” a poem by Chinese writer Zhu Yufu’s is rousing:

It’s time, people of China! It’s time.

The Square belongs to everyone.

With your own two feet

It’s time to head to the Square and make your choice.

(Translation by A.E. Clark)

On Jan. 31, the poem, which was circulated online, was cited by prosecutors in the eastern Chinese city of Hangzhou as evidence that the veteran dissident had ‘incited subversion of state power,’ a charge that has resulted in long prison sentences for other activists in recent months. In court, Zhu, who turns 59 this month, was accused of using the poem as a rallying cry for an attempt by Chinese democracy activists to inspire a Jasmine Revolution-style uprising in China. The anonymous online activism—which may have been less a coherent movement than a few isolated appeals for reform—failed. Since last spring, when the Arab world began its democratic convulsions, Beijing has cracked down tightly on dissent, detaining or jailing dozens of people who have dared to speak out against the government and its policies. Those who have been targeted include writers like Zhu, lawyers, journalists and artists, among others.

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