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Levende nøgne fædre

Patricia Lockwood har netop udgivet en ny digtsamling i USA, Motherland, Fatherland, Homelandsexuals, og i en den anledning blevet portrætteret i New York Times, link HER, og i DEN anledning arrangeredes et kollektiv digt på hendes Twitter-account med titlen Live Nude Dads:

Here’s how it worked: On Friday, May 30, at 1 p.m. Eastern, Lockwood tweeted an opening line for our collective poem from @TriciaLockwood. Readers and followers tweeted additional lines to the poem — more than 890 of them! — using the hashtag #NYTPoem. Lockwood carefully selected which lines should be included and retweeted them in the right order on her account.

Her er digtet i omvendt linje-rækkefølge:

Live nude dads read The New York Times.

i lost and give up. how do you write a poem? ok bye i tried.

“This is not,” says one, “the world I subscribed to when I put you in your mother.” He’s the one who hasn’t read a word.

A few quick folds, then smooth the edges. This paper can become a boat.

In the morning nude dads come and go, and speak of Daniel Carcillo.

The profiles gaze also into them.

Nude dad checks his horoscope: “Best not to reveal too much today…”

The dads merely glance at the weather prediction, they have their own true north

Garfield has done something funny again

the perspective of fatherhood forces them to question whether Hagar was indeed horrible.

They puzzle over the crossword Where the pen is mightier.

What are the stars? What is the moon? Is there a difference, between “storm” & “monsoon”? India should have sandbags, thinks Dad.

Live Nude Dads have a job to do. What will it be today

The wounded news calls out, promiscuous. It calls out for a dad.

Hope is the thing with fathers.

They sit the world upon their laps and ask it how its day was.

Obituaries brush their hairy thighs.

Live nude dads read about the Ukraine, thinking about their unmown lawns.

What is black? What is white? What is nude? What is right?

Live nude dads spread the paper wide. Their hearts beat hard. Their blood is red.

“Live Nude Dads Read the Sunday Paper”

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