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- fra digteren Simon Armitages interview med Pulp-sangeren Jarvis Cocker i bladet The Happy Reader:

“S: We’re roughly the same age. I think you’re probably the school year younger than me, but I wondered if you’d had this book a school? (It’s the Voices poetry anthology, edited by Geoffrey Summerfield).

J: Yes! I read some of it on the Sunday Service at Christmas, beacause there’s a really good christmas poem in there. I got into reading more poetry in recent years beacause I wen through a period where I wasn’t sleeping very well her, and I just started reading school book with Ted Hughes and Philip Larkin in, modern-ish poetry, and I found it quite comforting to read poems in the night. Poetry seems like a good thing to read when not quite awake, when you don’t have to be too bothered about what it means, just let it kind of drift through your mind. I hated poetry a school beacause when you’re being taught it, you just wanted to get the information from the poem as quickly as possible, dont’ you? And the fact that poetry can be a little bit cryptic is just torture.”

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